Anyone else think that "professional" wrestling shouldn't be in the sports category?


How do i get everyone pumped for nationals?

Hey, those guys rehearsed really long and hard, pal!

Definitely falls into the "not a sport" category along with auto racing.

Looking for dart makers?

i agree

neither should golf

What are the most efficient exercises for a high school track runner and how do you do them?

its stupid and gay

Anyone got tips for getting on a skateboard olling and able to skate?

Yeah I'm with you there. It should be over in the entertainment section.

Where is the best place to find famous skateboard logos?

its stupid and gay

Where can i find a list of latin american athletes?

me 2 rock on man

List three different sportspeople. Describe how dance and movement awareness could assist this in their sport?

Don't like it. But to me - it's not much of a sport.

When did you start skating, what was your first board?

It's as much of a sport as weight lifting or gymnastics. Sure it's phony but its very physical.

I dont know if its safe?

they're athletes plain and simple. most well conditioned by all accounts of all athletes. anyone who strikes shouldnt be considered in a sport. hockey,basketball and baseball come to mind

How can i practice to be a cheerleader?

Me! I never got it. Soooo fake yet people love it, I don't know why.
Golf I thought was a sissy game until I tried it.
Its HARD to hit that stupid ball straight!

What can i do to get my toe touch higher?

Exactly, it's all a f'ing sham! If it didn't even exist, we wouldn't have all of these poor trailer-trash losers walkin around...

Why or why not should steroids be made legal! PLZ write your answer as fast as you can. P.S. its for school.?

Professional wrestling is stupid. It is all a big fake. It is all just a scam to get money. I think "pro" wrestling should just make video games because that's all it looks like. It is a disgrace to the real sport of wrestling (i do wrestle). This "pro" wrestling shouldn't exist.

I want to get more flexable before cheer camp.any sugestions?

Agree, and it shouldn't even be on television unless they can restrict kids from watching you know;
we don't a little 10-year-old accidently killing a 5-year-old from imitating wrestling moves.

I have to Interview a Rugby player for a Profile I have to write.??

I didn't it was. Should be in the entertainment category like ballet

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