A question for girls who play paintball...?

If you are a girl who plays paintball, could you please tell me if it hurts. What should I beware of. Any tips-- I have wanted to do this for a long time now, but never actually known a girl who played paintball. This will be appreciated ^_^


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Well there is no difference about how much a human body can take, doesn't differ among male and female, therefore your question is rather bias. But... it truly depends on your mental strength along with a little physical strength, your brain is much more powerful then your muscles, believing it does hurt will make it hurt, while believing it doesn't will give you more of an advantage to how much it actually hurts. If your playing an organized game of paintball and not randomly shooting each other without protection then no it shouldn't hurt as long as you believe it won't.

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I'm not a girl, but I can tell you how it feels. Getting shot hurts for about 30 seconds, and then it goes away and you'll get a welt eventually. If you can handle getting stung by a bee without freaking out (it's not as bad as a bee sting though), you'll survive paintballing.

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im not a chick or notin but be careful if u get hit in ur stomach or ay were in the rid areA IT HURT also dont waste amo all at once u dont wanna be caught with out a weAPON. but getting hit somewhere that u have protection doesnt hurt much.

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I'm not a girl but I play with a girl in our paintball group and she hasn't complained to much except when she gets hit on her chest. We told her she can buy a chest protector, there's pretty much pads for every part of your body for paintball.

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