Airsoft gun?

my gun is a sniper but it has semi and auto i dont see a difference. Is there one


I am going to buy a NSA slow pitch softball bat. What is the best bat out there to buy?

no if its coming from the same gun. mine never showed much difference either. it all was basicly the same to me. the difference came when i bought other types of airsoft guns. the pumps where MUCH more powerful than my semi, and both of those were more accurate and powerful than my auto.

its even better if you have CO2.

High School Cheerleading?

Semi auto is when you don't have to * the gun after every shot like springers and full auto is when it will keep on firing until you let go of the trigger

400 meter dash?

hey. do everyone a favor and only post a question once. wait till it finishes, then if you don't get a good answer THEN you ask it again. don't double post.

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