Anyone else think Phil Jackson is over-rated?

Could he have done anything in Chicago without Jordan and Pippen? And without Shaq in LA, he's a nobody. Remeber the "Hall of Fame Four" He couldn't even coach Malone, Payton, Shaq, and Kobe to a championship. That team should have won everything, they still had most of their championship team in place to boot


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Its funny, i was thinking about this same question a few weeks ago. And I decided that there is no way he is over-rated. 1st, its extremely hard to coach superstars. Its easy to get bad players to buy into a coaches ideas b/c they can't win any other way. It's different with superstars, you have to mold their egos and MAKE them play the coaches way. So what he did w/ Jordan, considering he played 5-6yrs before they were contenders is amazing. As for that L.A. team. Look at what eventually happened to Kobe and Shaq, all of that was kept under wraps and was tuned out so that they could win 3 rings. Sounds like a superb coaching job. 3rd, that malone and payton team later, they were broken down and busted old dudes who didn't play for the team. 4 egos are impossible to work no one could have done it. I think that Phil Jackson is one of if not the best coach ever to sit on the bench in the game of basketball.

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he's not overrated. look at the team with great individual stars who didnt win championships. yes phil jackson has had some of the best nba players in histroy on his teams and that has influenced his success. but i would also contend that not every coach could handle megstar players. so in that sense phil is a great coach. he also has a good system in place in the triangle offense.

as for the hall of fame 4 team, that team wasnt as good as you thought it might be. payton was already a shell of his former self when he got there. kobe and shaq also hated each other and it was obvious. that team had great players but no chemistry, and you cant win like that. so give the guy his props, he is a good coach. but dont forget that players win or lose games and the lakers are losing now because they arent a very good team, plain and simple.

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