Airsoft/ Soft Air Question?

Question:anyone know a good gun to buy between $100 and $150 im looking into an AEG rifle (prefered m16) with a high volecity shot (over 350 FPS with a .12)
and anotehr quest is there a huge difference from shooting a .12 like 350 FPS and a .2 350 FPS



SKATEBOARDING questions anyone WHO BOARDS please HELP?

go to and look for the UTG AK 74. if you dont like it, go to the sites electric guns section and search according to price. there are some others i would reccommend, but i dont want to memorize their names.

and theres a difference between the FPS of .12 and .2. a gun would fire .12g bbs faster than .20s because of the weight, so dont get fooled if the sites list a .12 FPS because the gun would shoot below that if youre using .2 ammo.

I skate board im sponserd by volcom and i need help landing a 540 bigflip and tips?

Go to they have a bunch of different guns to chose from. i would recommend the Ak-47, it is a good gun and it is well priced at $109.99.

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