Any tips how to prepare for a marathon (24 miles ) never done one before, doing it for charity.?

i do a small bit of running when i get the chance about once a week planning on doing my first marathon in october for cancer research, looking for some tips on how to prepare for it.


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i would love to help you but i only run from the nose now, sorry good luck hope its for a good day for you.

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Oh my god how brave of you! I'm for smoking and eating personally and NEVER running..i should train very hard, so it won't hurt too much on the day!

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Start off small, running about two miles a day. Slowly increase to 3 then 4 then five, etc. 'til you can handle about 20. Also, eat EXTREMELY HEALTHY and make sure to exercises every day if you don't have the time to run. Lastly, drink lots of water throughout the day. That should help. Good Luck!

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First, you should start running more - Like every other day for at least 30 min.
Type in marathon preparation in Yahoo or Google and you will get some schedules of how to increase your distance and stamina.

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If you have never run a marathon before, it will be very difficult for you to train without help. I would recommend looking around your area for a marathon training group...most areas have them, where you train as a'll have a professional that will set a training schedule for you and monitor to make sure you make the correct benchmarks.

I would also suggest getting one of those GPS runner's can keep track of exactly how far you are running on a daily will interface with your computer and give you some useful feedback.

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well marathons are techinically 26.2 miles so your doing a 24 mile race unless your mistaken. but stretch often, and always before you go running. make sure you run a lot. eat healthy, lots of carbs. dont chug water while your running or in short breaks between runs

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Train hard, don't miss a day, even if you feel like you can't be bothered as one day will lead to two and then it will be difficult to motivate yourself.

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I would really get your cardiovascular fitness up. Try jumping rope for half an hour to about an hour everyday. 10 minutes of jumping rope equals about 30 minutes of running.

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You r awesome!I would suggest not 2 start out not too fast so u can save ur energy througout the marathon!

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