Any suggestions to help me fly a kite?

This might make me sound dumb, but I am getting very frustrated trying to fly my new kite. I've went outside on windy days, waited for a good gust of wind, and then ran to help the wind catch my kite. Then I try to let go of enough string to let it get higher but instead it just whips around in circles and hits the ground. The highest I've gotten it is about 15 or 20 feet.


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Is there a balcony with a railing where you could fly it? They also need a tail (rag) to stabilize them.
I hope that this helps you have fun!

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well u trow it u in the wind and unravel the string and WELA
its done stay out of traffic though.

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So, it's not just me!! I got one for my four year old son. Boy did I feel bad when it wouldn't fly. Not only did I realize that I had forgotten the rules to fly one, but I noticed how many power lines were in my yard. To make it worse, I had a nosy neighbor spying on me as I ran around in a VERY small area trying to make it fly (my son insisted).

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