What sport measures opponents before a confrontation with a “Tale of the Tape”?


How come theres american pro teams in canada but there arent any in mexico?

Boxing is the correct answer for radio trivia. 100.3 KILT

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Boxing, but only in the US do they use the "tale of the tape". Maybe even only on HBO

Is lacrosse or fotball a better sport?


The 'Tale of the Tape' is a facility used by boxing promoters on TV. Before the fight, while they are generating exitement to persuade us to watch the fight, they will compare the two boxers and show various 'measurements' such as height, weight, reach, bicep size, and so on, giving us an (often inaccurate) visualisation of how the two boxers will compare when they face each other.

This is the 'Tale of the Tape'

Hope that helps.



Best player now? 1. basketball 2. football 3.baseball 4. hockey 5. nascar driver. 6. soccer. 7 tennis 8.golfer


Which is your favourite sport?


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