[[Help needed]] Cheerleading try-outs tomorrow and I don't have my routine and speech done yet!?

Question:Our school's cheerleading team is special. XD

Because we don't do tumbling, or anything that is profesional. We just do dance moves, and we yell. It's actually pretty fun, even though it sounds stupid.

So I'm trying out, and I have to do a 30 second cheer, and tell them why I want to be a cheerleader. HEEELP! Try-outs are tomorrow!

Oh yah, I've never had dance or cheerleading lessons before, but I'm willing to try the easy stuff. I'm confident, pretty flexible (even more than my friends who do dance), and energetic.

Any ideas?

So far I have:

our team is dynomite (clap clap)x2
our team is tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick
boom dynomite (clap clap)x2
your team is dynomite (clap clap)x2
your team is tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick
hold up wait a minute
you ain't got no boom in it


1, 2, 3, 4
The bulldogs are about to score,
6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Yay, they scored once again.
We'll shout, we'll cheer,
There's nothing to fear,


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Just be yourself!! U sound like a fun girl with friends. They will teach you the cheers.. just go in there smiling- ultra positive and don't mumble..That is really what they are looking for, upbeat being the most important. Good luck :)

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Try bribery. It also helps if you have a unique appearance. Then, nobody will care what you will say. Just look at Paris Hilton.

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I like the second one better personally! But maybe try easy ones like Here we go Bulldogs, here we go! Also, make your motions as tight as possible, smile as much as you can, and remember to HAVE FUN!!! You'll do great if you try as hard as you can!

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