2 Grown Men Arrested In Drive-By Blowgun Shootings. Man is 33 years old shooting dart gun?

Question:I find it hard to think grown men ages 27 & 33 would do something this foolish. Do you think they will get jail time for this?:

In an incident that at first left police incredulous, two men were charged Thursday in Southington with shooting a man in the leg with a blowgun. Police said the man was shot as he walked out of a store on Queen Street.

The man was one of three people shot apparently at random in the space of half an hour Thursday in Plainville and Southington. In all three cases, the attackers drove past their victim as they fired, police said.

Arrested were Jason Plourde, 27, of Waterbury, and Edward Youle, 33, of Southington. Police said they found three blowguns and a box of darts in their sport-utility vehicle.

"They thought it was funny," Southington Police spokesman Sgt. Lowell DePalma said.

No one was seriously hurt, but one of the victims in Plainville went to the hospital to get a tetanus shot, said Plainville police Lt. Brian Mullins.

The attacks occurred on busy stretches of road, and the two in Plainville occurred less than half a mile apart.

The first incident occurred at the Connecticut Commons shopping complex on New Britain Avenue in Plainville, where a man walking out of a store was shot in the leg.

The man, Jason Warner of Bristol, said he felt as if he had been hit by a paintball. "I thought I would just wipe off the paint, but then I looked down and saw the needle sticking out.

"I had seen blowgun darts before and knew what it was, but I was still shocked. I thought, `That's interesting,' and then yanked it out."

A few minutes later, a woman pumping gas at a service station a short distance from the shopping center was hit in the back.


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