Advice for cheerleading tryouts?

Question:I'm in 8th grade. I'm trying out for freshman cheerleading. I did gymnastics in 4th grade for a while so i have a backround. Now im taking 8 classes over the course of 4 weeks for tumbling.

Does anybody have any tips for trying out in front of judges? Any cheerleaders that know what judges want? Or know what you did right and what others did wrong? Any people who tried out and know what you did wrong?


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basically. pick a good song that u can make a good routine out of adn make sure its original
cuz coaches love originality
and make sure u have a roundoff back handspring b/c that impresses coaches
dont forget ur routine and make sure that u try 110% in everything that you do cuz coaches like people who give their everything

also dont be afraid to break out of ur shell and be open to everyone so that your coaches will see the real you cuz they like people with good personalities

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yes, be loud and smile real big and make sure you do your cheers perfect. add a little flare to them, be a little different than the rest but dont over do. but be loud and make sure the judges understand what you are saying. try not to shout like you are out of breath. sound strong and loud. make sure your grades are good and you get along good with others. when you see the cheer teachers in the hall always be smiling. not just at them i mean, just be smiling and cheerful and in an all around good mood. they may ask your other teachers about your class participation, conduct, attitude.etc. they dont want a cheerleader with attitude, bad ones anyway. or an instagator so stay away from the bad and questionable crowds and keep your reputation spotless. they will ask other classmates that were cheerleaders from the previous year that may be familiar with you. so keep yourself out of trouble. thats about it. sometimes you can do everything right and if they dont like the way you look or seem to fit in...your out of there. maybe you could check out the cheerleaders at other schools or your own. oh, and always dress nice for school and keep your hair nice. nothing that is off the chart strange or distracting.

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Hey!! I tried out my 7th grade year to be a cheerleader this year(06-07)and did a really great job except i messed my knee up really badly when i came down from a toe touch.Well it is very good that you are flexible and stuff cause you wil really need to be able to do toe touches and other jumps.MAKE SURE YOU SMILE EVEN IF YOU ARENT HAVING FUN!because that is a big part of cheerleading is having the spirit and pumping up the crowd and you cant do that if you look like your parents just grounded you for 8 years.and you should also wear white socks.why i dont know but my best friend got points off big time for wearing red ones.but when you try out in front of the judges my best advice is to picture them in their underwear.cause some of those judges can be extremely scary looking and if you take your mind off them being judges and picture them as clowns will help greatly.but mainly just have fun.the thing where i went wrong is messing up my knee and couldnt do toe touches or any jumping for a week and i couldnt do my jumps for the judges and the deducted me big time.but GOODLUCK and tell me how it goes will ya?remember:just have fun

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