Advice..i need it really bad..sports!?

i really want to play..but i am in ninth grade..played once for fun...and the teams are ninth through i'm gonna make a fool of cuts though.but i'm nervous..i am kind of i am not awful.HELP>what should i do!


What are the most important things to practice on in badminton?

you will never know unless you try out and will nyou will never forgive ourself if you dont go for it and have fun

How do i tuff'n up my little brother?

if your good then do it

Which sport is more fun - soccer, football, basketball, or swimming?

umm, hey, havent talked to you in a while, but i agree with Chris, if you like to play it, try out, who cares if you make a fool of yourslef, lol, by being on the team, youll get better at it.
i tried out for softball before.but i knew how to play, but i still maed a fool of myself, but if oyu look at me now, i am actually pretty good!!

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