Am I doing the write thing/how do I get faster/stronger?

Question:As of Thursday I will have been lifting weights for seven days.

About a month ago I was 6'1'' and 240lbs, and am 20 years old. I improved my diet and lessened my calorie intake and I'm now 225lbs, but I want to start adding some muscle.

I began lifting with a friend last week on a fixed weight machine called Paramount Fitness or something, he has me doing the following: Curls(With free weights), lats, skullcrushers one day, then benching, military benching, shrugs the next, alternating.

We do what he calls Super sets, which is 3 sets of 20, reducing the weight by 20 lbs at rep 11.

Also, we started playing Tennis and swimming...

Am I doing the right thing to get stronger and faster? I know the Aerobic things like Tennis and Swimming just can't hurt, but I am not so sure on the workout or reps or anything of that nature.

All helpful information will be appreciated.


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As a beginner you should pyramid your sets. For example:
Always strive for more weight on the middle sets. Super sets are for more advanced lifters, certainly use them later on.

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You lost 15 pounds in one month with nothing but reducing calories and exercise?!? That's pretty... intense. I wouldn't go too all out hard-core. If you don't let your body get enough rest, you'll end up getting sick or injuring yourself.

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Sounds pretty good to me but I aint no expert I would answer better if i could.

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You're on the right track. Keep it up but don't overdo it or you'll get sore. You should also start running on a track or by using a treadmill to get faster.

Protein shakes are a good way to bulk up too.

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