2 skill cues for holding a lacrosse stick properly?

Question:2 skill cues for properly throwing using a Lacrosse stick?

2 skill cues for properly catching using a lacrosse stick?

2 skill cues for properly scooping using a lacrosse stick.


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Ok when throwing a lacrosse stick you want to keep your dominate hand at about the middle of the stick and your weaker hand all the way at the bottom touching the butt end. To throw you should "paint the post" meaning going straight overtop your shoulder while pushing with the middle hand and pulling with the bottom hand. When catching the stick keep your dominate hand toward the top of the stick closer to the head and keep your weak hand all the way down to the bottom of the stick touching the butt end. When you are receiving a pass, use the top hand to guide the head and once the ball is in your stick, start cradling to keep it inside. When scooping keep your hands where you would when throwing the stick and when you bend down to scoop the ball keep the stick paralell to the ground and keep your head up. "Scoop through" the ball by scooping the ball and immediately going into the cradle. DO NOT RAKE. I find it easier to tape off on the stick where the most comfortable spots are for you to cradle, throw, and catch. Good Luck and justlax

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