All skaters needed?

well when i do a kickflip my front foot always seems to land on the board and i flip it all the way around but my back foot keeps on landing on the street and not the board i need help cuz it makes me so mad when im so close to landing it but i dont land it O AND 1 MORE THING IM GOOFY FOTTED SO I NEED GOFFY FOOTED HELP


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goofy doesnt make him worse there are pros that are goofy

your doing that because your afraid even if you say ur not its just a subconscious reaction, b4 the trick think about what is happenin so ollie > flick > catch it with both feet (aim for the bolts) > land and keep your weight over the board adn dnt jump off

also do it moving evn if it seems harder it helps, and u will fall and sometimes it will hurt but you gotta keep tryin

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Ohhhh. thats such a bad habit to start. (goofy footed, I mean) I hope you havent been skating long and you'll be able to reteach your self. Plus it will make it harder to ollie for jumps and what not. First you need to switch your feet, but after that, maybe you need to turn the board farther around.
Hope I helped (even a little)

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keep practicing dawg

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I am adressing the persons comment above. You dont need to change from being goofy footed many people are(including me). Also, some of the best pros are goofy. It is also something that you cant change or choose its like being right or left handed. About your kickflips, just try different variations with your foot more or less slanted, further up, lean forward, etc. Eventuall you will get it. I used to have the same problem but there is really not secret to fixing it. The biggest thing to do is to FULLY COMMIT and not be scared. Good Luck!

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the stance doesn't matter, it's the same thing both ways. and goofy isn't a habit, it just means you're left handed. the main reson is that the board is going in front of you. just come off a little sooner, less towards the nose and more towards the tail. try to come off between the back bolts on the front truck and just where the concave starts. and jump up with your back foot. try doing a couple good ollies every time you are gonna start kickflipping to get used to having the board under your feet and landing on it and kepping your back foot on.

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dont matter what way you skate a trick is a trick either way your doing the same thing but i got this trick on lock reg and switch and to me it sounds like your leaning back when doing the trick and your not leveling out over your board when its fliping try leaning more foward after you pop your ollie and get over the board completly and stomp that landing or you might be kicking a little out with your back foot after the pop if so STOP THAT and you will be fine.Good luck hope this helps..

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