#1 draft pick in both football and basketball this year?

Question:where will brady quinn go? he said he wants to go number 1
mel kiper jr had him at like 14

who will go first between oden and durant?
will they even declare for the draft?
who else will be drafted early in both football and basketball?


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Quinn should go first. I dont know why they put him so low an the lists. Troy Smith will probably go high too(even after the bad combine he had)

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If Quinn or Russel goes first theyl will go to the raiders. Oden will most likely go first unless Boston or some other bad team wants a different player. Durant can't go for the draft becasue he is just a rookie.

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Durrant CAN go to the draft this year and he will. They instated a new rule of 1 year of college instead of straight outta highschool

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i wish troy was gonna go high but ,they say 2 or 3 round...wgich is bullshit...i think jamarcus russell...and greg oden from THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY...im not bias or nothin.haha

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I think the number one pick in this years NFL Draft will be JaMarcus Russell. He has the size and all the tools that Brady Quinn lacks. his arm is much stronger and oakland released brooks so Russell is most definitely going to go to Oakland. In the NBA draft, it all depends. If the pick goes to Boston, they will draft Oden. The Celtics have been known to build their teams around big men: Bill Russell, Dave Cowens , Robert Parish and Kevin McHale. If anyone else gets the first pick, it will be Kevin Durant. Have you seen him play? The guy had 25 points, 5 for 5 from 3pt range, in the first HALF against Kansas Saturday. A guy who is his size with that range is a rarity. Brady Quinn will not fall to the 14th pick. I see Brady Quinn feasibly going to Cleveland at number 3 if the Lions dont draft them. It is hard for the Browns to pass up on a quarterback especially when they have a need at the position (frye and anderson arent going to cut it). Behind Oden and Durant, look for Corey Brewer of Florida (if and when he declares), Roy Hibbert of Georgetown and Brandon Wright of UNC to go pretty high, mainly because Brewer is versatile and hibbert and wright has size.

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I think the #1 pick will be Joe Thomas because the Raiders really need a good OL. Did you happen to see the Ravens game or the Seahawks game?

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10: 1 sack allowed
11: 5 sacks allowed
12: 5 sacks allowed
13: 4 sacks allowed
14: 4 sacks allowed
15: 4 sacks allowed
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so, obviously the raiders are in need of an OL. Thomas had a 4.9 40 yd dash and he is 6-7, 311 lbs

in basketball its oden because he is a guy who comes around once every 10, 15 years. durant is just a guy every 4 or 5 like iverson, arenas or james

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