200 meter dash?

Question:freshman girl.
first year varsity.
the 200 meter dash.
[first time using blocks]
time = 28.5 seconds !!
is that a good time?


Who do you reckon is the hardest?

thats allmost 20 km/h or 12 mph :)

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heck yeah

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For the description you give, it is a good time. It can be improved on, but that's why you have a coach.


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not too shabby... keep working- try for a 26

Do you think that archery should be a more prominent sport in our society?

Considering I'm a 40 year old male and this morning did one lap in 1:46 and was proud, I would say yes ☺.

I do long distance running though, although I do it very slow.

Stories bout pro athletes that they've seen play b4 they attended college?? Or personal stories?

if you are a freshman girl and in varsity no its not a good time (no offense) but you should get faster because i am in 8Th grade and i run it in 24.88 so i think you should get a little quicker at least in the 24's because over here girls in high school run it in average off 24.60

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it's OK, and not many high school girls are running sub 25's.

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