A seven minute mile?

Question:for baseball we have to run a 7 minute mile. i ran it in 7:15
is this bad


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The mile has very little to do with your field speed, but it has everything to do with your endurance. Sevens are a standard for many sports.

If that was your debut, you'll get faster with practice. You could be sub-6 in a year.

Keep practicing your miles, but don't run it hard more than once a week, if that much.

You'll get more endurance benefit running a few miles slower.

If it's not too hot out, on alternate weeks try 6-8 quarter-mile repeats on your school track with 90 seconds each as your goal, with 1 or two slow laps between. Run the last one faster if you can, then do some cool-down laps. This will improve your speed and better match what you'll be doing on the field.

Do this early in the season, and don't forget the water.

More is not always better, and faster sometimes will slow you down. The key is to progress gradually and give your body a chance to adapt.

Add these things to your other training, and you'll be a star.

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Yes. Get a 5:00 mile and you are fast.

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It depends on your age, sex, and weight. If you are in high school, you should be able to do this speed. You might look at a website such as www.runnersworld.com to find exercises you can do to increase your speed. Of course, you shouldn't risk injury for speed - weigh it out - because a stress fracture, shin splint, plantars fascitiis, tweaked knee, etc. can put an end to your baseball season.

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its definitely not good, in high school fast is 5:30 for non cross country runners average maybe under 6:15

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