Any suggestions for good cheerleading fundraisers?

I recently made the cheerleading squad at my school. Cheerleading is really expensive. I thought of a fundraiser to help with the expenses. I am creating this "$1.00 Fundraising Sheet." Basically, it is a sheet that will have 20 sentences. An example would be: 1) I'll give $1.00 because cheerleaders rock. 2)I'll give a $1.00 because I'm blessed...etc. I need different sentences that start off: I"ll give a $1.00 because. So any suggestions?


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We sold mirco fiber towels and made pretty good. People seemed to like them and they were an easy sale.
You can buy them in Bulk and resale for $5 or $6 ea
They will individually package each one for you if you let them know it is for a fundraiser.
We packaged ours 2 per package and sold for $10...
You can sell more for less effort this way.

Im trying to find an email address that fits my style?

How about:

"I'll give you $1.00 if you explain how this works"?

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That is a really cute idea. I'll give $1.00 because it costs less than a coke and its for a great cause.

Good luck.and cheerleaders do rock!

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get out and wash some cars, or sell come nice candy bars.

Shorts for softball?

my daughters cheerleading squad made over $600 in one saturday doing a car wash... granted they were dressed a little more provocatively than I would have liked... bikini tops and short shorts... but they made a lot of money so I guess it was worthwhile.

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