Any ideas where I can find a Care Bear bowling ball?

I am looking to purchase a bowling ball. I would love to have a pink ball with a picture of Lucky Bear on it. I have searched everywhere.I know this probably will be an expensive ball. If anyone has any info that they can pass on it would be great! I need it to be 10# and I'd like to take it in to have it drilled...I have pretty small hands. Thanks


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I just tried on eBay and there were no items. Any they usually have everything. Maybe a specialty store or a bowling shop where they can make one for you. I knew a guy that had a completley custom one made. It was clear with glitter and a red rose in it.

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did u try ebay?

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Yeah I'm thinking you'd have to try either E-Bay or getting it customly made at a bowling shop.

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tried ebay. no luck. sorry

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Right now, EBay is offering a yellow one with Tweety Bird on it but no Care Bear. Sorry!

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Ebay has an option of "looking for" or search, something like that, where you type in something your looking for and I believe it goes into a board or something where other people look. Maybe you could keep checking Ebay? But I would go with having it custom-made.. That seems to be your best option.

Do you wish me luck?

try e-bay

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