Any advice for a slow pitch softball pitcher to get more outs?


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You can't really get any more outs. Each team has to get 3 outs per inning. Why would one want to get more?

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Throw more strikes?

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We had a guy in our league who threw a knuckleball. Just seeing that ball come in not spinning messed with your head. He turned some heavy hitters into pop up kings.


First pitch should always be a strike. Most all slow-pitch batters will watch the first pitch go by. Second pitch should be close but either be outside or inside so they will swing and hopefully foul tip it. Now they would have two strikes on them. Third pitch definate ball. If you have to toss another pitch you should continue on being a little outside or a little inside, depending on your defense and where the batter normally hits.

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throw the ball with the palm of your hand facing down. as you release, throw some back spin on the ball. once comfortable with this approach, use the same technique, but adjust the angle of your hand, but continue to apply a spin at the release of the ball. mess around with different variations of spin. try to release ball with palm facing down.
a knuckle ball also works. no spin at all, a little uncertian movement can keep batters off balance and it makes it hard for them to make solid contact.

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