13 years old around 5'9 1/2, 155 pounds what would be a suitable position in Football for my little brother??

More info.... he's a pretty good damn runner, his tackling needs just a little bit of improvement, he gots a good vertical (Don't know how much) he also gots good leg strength and pretty good upper body strength, his arm strength is pretty good he can throw about 55-60 yards and his accuracy from a scale of 1-10 is a 7, if anyone answer I'd appreciate it and if you guys got any other questions regarding my question feel free to send me a messege.


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I'd say start out a cornerback, that way u work on the same things that wide recievers do, catching, routes, all that, and if u get to a point where u'd be better at wide reciever, or u want to play both sides of the field it would be simple to switch to wide reciever, but if u start as a wide reciever u wont get the training as a cornerback...plus when or if u switch to wide reciever u know what the cornerbacks are supposed to be doing and it will benefit u cause u'll be able to adjust... sounds to me though like u want to play quaterback, but unless ur totally commited to football, willing to tell anyone and everyone the truth, and you can do whats best for the team and not just hook up ur friends or something...quarterback is the most responsible position on the field, u have to know the entire offense, plus how to read defenses, make split second desicions and changes, and you have to be willing to take the blame for a lot of ups and downs, while keeping ur head on straight and not getting to cocky... so if u plan on commiting a lot of time to football go for QB if not id go CB then switch to WR when u get older! good luck, and stay away from safety, u'll probably get stuck there, never get an oppurtuniity to explore the other positions...

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I think maybe he could be a good linebacker. If you just work on his tackling he could be very good. He bigger then most kids his age, got a lot of strength, and it seems like he is very fast. Hope this helps.

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OK well you brother is as big as i am and hes 3 years younger then me and i play wide receiver and freesafty both of thous would be really good for him because if hes tall and hes fast then he can reach higher and out run people but thats just my suggestion

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