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I want to get into skateboarding but i dont want to look like a complete idiot or a poser. I dont have any expirience either. I have places to practice. Tell me how please!


Instant Classic or not? ...?

this site should help you out quite a lot.


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Well, you get a skateboard, and you put your one of your feet near the front end of the board, like right on or behind the screws, and you push off with your other foot. It takes a lot of practice, because you have to get your balance and stuff. I can do it, though, so don't think you can't. Just remember that if you're going to get into skateboarding, do it because it's part of your passion, life, and personality. Not because you want to impress guys. And, I don't know this, but if you're a prep or a girly-girl, you will look like a poser.

Anyway, it takes a lot of determination. Just watch skate videos and watch how they skate. There stance, everything. If you played games like Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, I don't know how, but it helped me. Look up how to skateboard and stuff on the internet. Find a friend who skates. Anything. Just make sure you're determined to learn, and that you're learning because it's something you're gonna get into and have a passion for, not just to impress people.

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