Anyone have any good techiques for lacrosse and can you hit anyone you want?

i wanted to know this because my school is creating a locrosse team and i want to join, i also heard that you get to hit people.


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Well, there is a lot more to the sport than just hitting, but checking and hitting is a major part of the sport. There is a lot of padding though, so the bark is worse than the bite.

As far as what lacrosse is and techniques this is a pretty broad question, but lacrosse is a very old sport which dates back to the times of Native Americans, as it was originally a war game for them. Each player has a stick with a net on the top, and players pass and catch the ball (about the size of tennis ball, but much harder) with the stick. Men's and women's is very different, as can be noted just by the differences in padding between the two sports, as in men's you can hit with the stick. If you have ever watched ice hockey, it is very similar, as they are two goals and certain numbers of players may be on one side of the field at a time.

As far as rules, the best thing to do is check out the site below to determine what level of the sport you are playing, as the rules between men's and women's lacrosse are very different, as are just even the levels of youth, middle school, high school, college and professional.

A good link that describes the rules is dependent on level is:

As far as training and preparing to play, it's all about practice. You need to decide what kind of player you want to be: offense or defense. Depending on that, get the right stick (be sure to follow the guidelines from US Lacrosse about what kind, since they are pricey)

To determine which side you want to play (defense or offense) you have to determine what kind of athlete you are. Offense (short sticks: attack, middie) they have to have endurance and speed... lots of running in these positions. Defense, you still need some strength and endurance, but if you don't have the speed to run and and down the field, this is probably for you.

So practice running... Speed will always work to your advantage, no matter which position you play. As I mentioned, if you are really fast, go for being a short stick attack. Long-stick defensive players will certainly be running and defending the ball, but typically not running the length of the field the whole game like attacks do. I've known defensive long-stick players that have played their entire collegiate career, and never gotten close to the opposing teams goal, so if you want a chance to score, definitely don't play long-stick defense. (I did finally have one of my senior long-stick kids score a goal in a great game's final seconds one time against an arch-rival though... talk about a story!)

The best way to practice is first to get a handle on how to cradle the ball. Find a wall on the side of your house with no windows and throw the ball against the wall and catch it. Great practice. My husband is a lacrosse coach, and this is always the first thing he even has his experienced players work on. If you can handle the ball right, you can play. If you can, learn how to cradle the ball and use your stick with both hands. This is a huge advantage on the field.

The best suggestion I can give though is to work on speed/endurance, and throw the ball against the wall everyday for at least an hour (try to choose an area where you won't drive anyone insane, because it can be loud). You'll be a great player before you know it!

Have fun... it's a great sport!

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sorry i don't know much about guy's lacrosse but it is such a FUN sport, i don't think you can hit anyone but i think a lot of the time you cna

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