A question relating to the theory of weightlifting: Your views?

Question:Okay so heres what im thinking.I just saw this weightlifting event and it featured the 48kg womens division. Most of these girls weighed around the 105lb and under mark & yet they were lifting weights weighing 85 & 90kgs off the ground (around 200lbs)

Then i thought abit more about the theory of weightlifting itself. If these petite girls were lifting 90kilos off the ground. would that mean they would be able to lift that weight in the form of any object?

Think of it like this. When you get a big TV delivered they tend to weigh around the 40-45kg range of weight & they usually have 1 or 2 burly men carrying it into your home. Then i thought that some of these petite girls are lifting double that. Would that mean strengthwise they could lift two of these TV's off the ground (obviously not over their heads) but generally lift both of these TVs off the ground if they were in boxes on top of one another?

The weight the girls can lift would indicate they could do this. Whats your opinion


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watch strongman competitions

they lift weights of different shapes and they struggle to deal with the weight that on a bar they could do ok

weightlifting is a lot to do with technique - that can help to explain the big lifts

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I suppose you're right. I just don't think anybody would actually want to lift their own huge TV's.

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Not exactly. There's obviously some transfer from, say, a deadlift or a clean and jerk, to lifting a television. However, you can pull a thin, inflexible barbell that's up against your body much more easily than a flexible barbell, or a thick barbell, let alone a wide box with a center of gravity 0.5m away from your body, even if the box weighs much less.

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