Any other level 6 gymnasts working 7? or optional gymnasts?

Question:i wanna know what kinda music is easiest to do a routine to-
slow, fast, fun, serious, long, short, etc...


Where is a good place to skate at and what is the name of it and how much does it cost to get in.?

The best music is something that you wont get tired of. You know how much you hated the compuslory music after a few months (or weeks?) Well you dont want to hate your own music after just alittle while! Its good if your music changes through out your routine, so you are able to do both fast and slow things to your music. This is why some people mix songs. Your music should be around 1minute 30 seconds long. I recommened looking on a floor routine music website and requesting a sample CD so you get n idea for your likes and dislikes. Try going to:

Good Luck, have fun in L7!

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