Any track runners?

tomorrow is my last track meet of the season. and i really want to do good. i am 13. i run 100m, triple jump and long jump. this is my first season doing long jump so i haven't placed yet. but in triple jump i got third and fourth. and in 100m i always get first. but i need tips. in my jumps im always ahead of my mark which makes me not jump as far. in my 100m i do really good but at the end of the race i end up slowing down. i want to beat my schools record which is 13.29 and my personal record is 14.5. any tips for both my jumps and my 100m. (oh yeah another quick thing: i run 4x1 relay and i always do really good. last week my team got 56 seconds.)


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if you got a big hill near by run up it then run slow back down it you can do this with a weight vest on to make it harder on you this will help build more strength and help your take off and mid and end speed or you can get a wheel barrow and run your 100 with some weight in it that will help you there and when you are ruining don't look no where but ahead never turn your head and dive your head forward at the finish line to cut time off and work on your timing off the line helps and for your long jump work on your timing walk it off as if your ruining to help were you jump from them ruining exercise will help your long jumping to and do calf raises and squats and run 3 or 4 days a week to help your endurance and its good to run with ankle weights on

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