Anybody used a weighted vest when working out?

Question:I'm always interested in testing new ways of working out. I was wondering if I do my normal activities with a weighted vest (with pretty heavy weight), could I get SIGNIFICANTLY stronger than if I was just to do those activities normally? I weight train three times a week and do hill training for cardio, otherwise I am also very active and eat like a pig!

I'd like to also try an experiment where I wear the vest every day for a few months, plus adding more weight for purely bodyweight exercises and then seeing how much stronger or more defined I can get, particularly my core muscles. Before you ask, yes, I am a bit mad, and probably somewhat misguided, which is why I'm asking a question about it!

The bodyweight stuff particularly interests me as I would like to know what kind of results in strength and muscle size you can achieve with purely the use of a weighted vest and bodyweight exercise. Obviously there would be progressive overload applied to achieve this.


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Interesting question. The answer is you would get stronger but a) not by much and b) the effects wear off pretty quickly.

If it were otherwise those mountains of blubber you see waddling around would be amongst the strongest people on Earth. As you know, however, t'aint so!

Bodyweight exercise are pretty effective (more so than just lifting weights) because they tend to be compound exercises. If you combine the two then you really start cooking with gas.

Do twenty press-ups a day. Wear the vest and add enough weight so you can't do more than the twenty. Thats how I did it!! You have alluded to this principle in your last sentence.

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