A cheer for cheerleading (new cheerleader)?

Question:Im not a cheerleader yet, Ive nver done any kind of cheerleading but Im very interested in it. My best friend is a cheerleadr and she shows my moves all the time and I want to start practicing now so that when I do start cheerleading, I wont look so bad.
Im already doing gymnastic so the moves arent going to be a problem, but what I do need is a cheer to practice with. Just any silly old cheer that I can practice moves with.
Its kinda simple so please post some cheers!! And any advice you have for me, Thanks in advance!!

P.S I already know that Im not going to be a flyer, Im more of a base whatever lol Im too big to be a flyer.


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get an instructional video or go to mspineapple.com. they teach u some cheers and sum moves. it very helpful

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yall think ur fly
yall think ur hot
lok it up.
we on the number one spot

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