Adding distance to my long jump?

Question:I'm 14, 5' 7", 130lbs, and I can jump about 13 meters on an average jump. I need to improve this as much as possible. I think I know how to time and measure my steps accurately, and when I have that wrong, I know it and usually how to fix it. I feel that I sometimes have trouble transferring all my speed on the runway to my jump. I'm a decent sprinter and I feel like I have the speed but It's not all coming out in my jumps. I'm also not sure how I should be raising my legs and landing is very iffy for me. Sometimes, I feel comfortable landing on my butt, but other times I feel better standing and falling forward. Most people on the team stand, but the better kids land on their bottoms.

Does anyone have any general tips for beginners with the problems I mentioned?


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First, you should only be taking a 12 step approach. Any more is too much for someone jumping 13 ft. You should easily be able to reach your maximum speed with this. Second, your next to last step should be a bit shorter so that your hips drop just an inch or so. This should enable you to spring upward as you take off from the board. Drive your off knee up on the take off along with driving your arm upward to give your torso a boast. Finally, try not to look down when you take off since this will take all your energy down not out where you want to go. In other words, look to where you want to go.
I hope this helps. Good luck!

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excuse me? Do you mean the triple jump? Because, 13 Meters would be a world record in the long jump. The world record for men is 8.95 meters, set by Mike Powell in 1991.

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um 13 meters? i think you mean feet. I'm not sure if this helps, but when your running towards the pit, you should be sprinting at your fastest around maybe 2-3 steps before the jump. Also while your running , get a good look at the line/board so that you know how much steps to take or so, but when you get close to the line focus ahead. When you get to the line put all your power/force on the foot you have down and jump. Usually ppl bring their hands to their sides naturally with both feet out. I've noticed that the more i hold my legs to my body, the more air time i get and a better jump. For your landing, that also needs timing because if it's too early then you've just reduced the distance you can jump. If you land too late then...yea you fall on yoru bum.

When you jump, there should be a moment where you feel like your flying or seomthing, once that feeling stops, i think that's a good time to put your legs under you to land. Sometimes ppl may land on their feet than rebound forward and flip, but as long as their falling forward that's fine. And i'm not so sure about the better kids who land on their bottoms, since that's not the case at my school.

And if you still can't get it.. maybe you can practise some light jumps just to get the feel of landing. Hope that helped

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