Am I too old to start?

I'm 14. Am I too old to start figure skating? I don't want to become a professional or anything, I just want to get a trainer and figure skate as a hobby.


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You are never to old.Go for it.I know women in there 80's who are doing it.It is very good exercise.

Guys this is a question for you or any girl who loves sports.?

nope not to old at all

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no, you can start fine, youll probably do pretty well.. good luck

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no anytime is a perfect time

Bowling Ball?

No way go for it.

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Yo are still young. It is not to late at all.

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no, i am 14 too, and i love to is a really fun hobby, and if you live in a cold place, skiing is really fun too!! :)

ps. my name is Samantha too! that is so awesome

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No, you're not too old. And you should do it now because it's very good for your balance, confidence, etc.

I was taking roller skating lessons about 30 years ago and my instructor wouldn't teach me jumps and spins because I was "too old." It was ridiculous.

Now I watch women in their 20's and 30's engage in roller derby and wish I had continued. Some of the women were figure skaters and it has helped them to compete in this very different sport.

How do you do a flic?

no your not too old. I am 14 and really want to start figure skating lessons too. They do them at my local rink, 1-2-1. My mom wouldn't let me, but i have managed to get her to let me take lessons. Look at Torvill and Dean, they are older now then when they won the Olympics, they are still going strong. As a hobby, its a great way to get exercise, meet new people and make friends. Its relaxing and extremely fun. Especially when you know you lernt it all, its very rewarding. Why not join a skate UK program, It is £60 for the levels, and its for beginners of all ages. They cover figure skating. Hope this helps.

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