14 year old weight lifting.?

I'm a 14 year old guy and I go to the gym about every other day. I'm working out for track and football. I'm a pretty big guy. About 5'7 188lb. I go to the gym and mainly work on my legs. I can do a 435lb. leg press. I've been lifting for a while now and I've been stuck in a rut. I need to know how to push myself to doing more weight or more reps. Any tips??


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well, there really is no way we can tell you how to push urself but when i workout i usually make sure i have the right nutrition at the same time.

I drink tons of water about 10 glasses each day. it helps you a lot and i used to only drink 3 or 4 glasses of water and i had so little energy. now when i started drinking 10 glasses, i have more energy and i can push myself to the limit each day also raising the bar.

dude ur hella buff...
lol well, good luck i hope this helped u

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good job kid !!

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well you might consider take a few day off..

it helps the muscles repair themselves...the act of weightlifting rips them up.

your muscles need their rest too

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Take about a week off from your regular routine and just run or do push ups and situps, when the weeks over begin lifting again but change your routine a bit or do different exercises. This prevents your muscles from getting used to a routine, when this happens you don't get stronger

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you just need to vary your routine a little bit. after every rut I've been in, I've specifically found other exercises that work the muscles that I need to do the main exercises I want to do. For example for squats---work on some lunges, calf raises, knee flexes...stuff like that.

Most the time a rut is caused by the muscles around the ones you are working that just can't keep up anymore. Work out every muscle that squats work individually.

I got to a point in my bench press that I couldn't do anymore and I found out that my wrists couldn't keep up and keep the weight supported, so I build up my wrists and upper arms and my bench increased magically...good luck!

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Ok I'm not going to lie but 435 lbs for a 14 year old guy isn't thst amazing considering the fact that..I'm a girl, I'm 14 , 5'7 and I can leg press around 480 lbs.
But idk maybe I'm just like wierd haha when my gym class would go up to the weight room and I would be doing leg extensions at about 260 lbs or doing leg press at like 480 and some of the guys in the weight lifting class ((which had juinor and seniors)) would tell me that I had beastly legs.
All the advice can give you is what my gym teacher told me when I asked how I could get my leg press up to 500 lbs she told me I should do more reps at a little bit of a lighter weight than I was and then to work my way up everytime I did leg press.

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