What women’s league sports the simple slogan: “They’re better than you are”?

radio trivia question no clue tried to google it no luck


What do i have to do to cheerlead?

WNBA is the correct answer.........

What do think is the best sport?

WNBA for radio trivia


T he reason that the WNBA receives so little credit and respect is that the level of play is not that great. Just look at their ad campaign which depicts middle-aged, overweight white guys playing a pathetic game of pick-up ball, accompanied by the slogan "The WNBA: They're Better Than You." Were I a WNBA player, I would be outraged by this comparison. When they reach a level where they could compete with a Division II or even III men's college team, perhaps they will gain the respect that they unquestionably are working their hardest to achieve. -- Andrew Packard


Deion Sanders best professional athlete of all time?


Which skateboard is better element,birdhouse,or bullet?

WNBA is the us99 trivia answer.

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