What women’s league sports the simple slogan: “They’re better than you are”?

For radio trivia


What lacrosse head do you recommend for defense?

WNBA is the correct answer.........

Swim help?

Ah, yes... Slow-motion basketball...

For male athletes. Would you honestly respect a female playing a "male sport"?

WNBA for radio trivia

How Big is the NCAA Basketball Tournament in US?

T he reason that the WNBA receives so little credit and respect is that the level of play is not that great. Just look at their ad campaign which depicts middle-aged, overweight white guys playing a pathetic game of pick-up ball, accompanied by the slogan "The WNBA: They're Better Than You." Were I a WNBA player, I would be outraged by this comparison. When they reach a level where they could compete with a Division II or even III men's college team, perhaps they will gain the respect that they unquestionably are working their hardest to achieve. -- Andrew Packard


What are some places like Sports Authority and Foot Locker that have ladies track shoes?


Where is the best place to watch the London Marathon from?

WNBA is the us99 trivia answer.

Wat sport figure/s has appeared on the cover of Time, Sports Illustrated and Newsweek during the same week?


Someone who knows about PAINTBALLING can you help plz?

WNBA for radio trivia

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