24.5 seconds?

does anybody know if this is a fast enough 200m sprint time to letter?


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Compared to me, that is fast!

However, the world recors is 19.32 seconds, and a good time is somewhere around 20-22, 23 at the most. Improve on your leg strength and keep practicing. Just shaving a few seconds off will put in the range of elite runners. And, as a ninth grader, you will probably grow more and get a longer stride, making you faster.

Good luck- I am sure you will be a great runner!

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Hey Frankie!!

I would say check with your track coach and ask him what time you need to letter. It would be soo cool if you lettered!

keep up the good work!!
Have fun running!!

it will be cool to compare 24.5 seconds to what you have at the end of the year, hopefully better!

C ya!


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wow that is really good i wish i could run that fast. To win state for girls a good time like the best is 23. something so try to extend your stride and speed. Keep up the good work !

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yeah thats a wonderful time a 200meter if its under 26 thats really good keep up the good work and ask your gym teacher or your coach

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