Another skating question? advanced sk8rs help plz?

hey if any of u answered my last question about ollieing while moving thanx i can know do it while moving perfectly. currently i have a very embarassing fear of ollieing up curbs and over things. has anyone had this problem and if u have can you tell me how you got over it?


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Man did I ever fear that, and I didn't have the boards we have today I had to so it with an old school board lol. Everyone is going to say th ebest way is to practice but really you have to be set in your mind to be able to do any trick. 90% is mind set 10% physical. Don't try it without being ready too and do some warm up ollies and find a small curb before you try an obstical. what I use to do is find something flat in the road and just ollie over it to see if I could...soemthing stupid like a drain that you know isn't going to get in your sets your mind up for anything...then try a real object. This is where I think is the fun part of skateboarding just cruzing around finding common things in the streets to use and ollie or gind or kickflip over thats what I like to do most when I skate by myself. You have to try it though and once you land a few you'll believe yourself more that you can do it. Good luck

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everyone has that fear..
all you have to do is muster your confidence n ollie as high s you's another tip,try to ollie from a small thing to bigger.this will build up your confidence and's not that hard actually

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