32nd Americas Cup?

Question:Who out there in cyberworld know that the 32nd Americas Cup is taking place right now?

Do you know where it is taking place?


Government is involved in sport on a local and national level.?

It's starting very soon actually. All the races are in Valencia, Spain. The Louis Vuitton Cup to find a challenger to 2003 winner Alinghi starts this Monday (16th April) and runs until 12th June (11 challenger teams race in 2 round robins followed by semi finals and final).

The America's Cup (Alinghi v Loius Vuitton final winner) then starts 23rd June in a best of nine race series.

For anyone out there like us in Australia who won't get coverage of the America's Cup you can subscribe to a live 3D animation of the races and listen to audio commentary at http://www.americascupanywhere.com...

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