A question about skateboard hardware?

Question:I'm trying to purchase a skateboard online, and am not really sure on which brands to get.
I need Trucks, wheels, Bearings, and hardware. i mean, im getting an element deck, and i love element, so should i just go ahead and order everything with element, or should i go ahead and mix and match?
im ordering the board from blackholeboards.com its a good site, in which u can build a board, and have the co. assemble it for u.


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One of the great things about skateboard setups are the customization options you have. If this is your first board, I feel that brand loyalty is irrelevant because of lack of first hand experience with the product, but if you dig a specific company, it's not my place to knock it.

Even though the majority of skateboard components share many characteristics, you should consider economy and performance. Especially if it's your first.

Deck - You have already settled on Element and that's fine. They make a solid board and are experimenting in new deck construction technologies. Unless you are getting one of these experimental boards, all decks are pretty much the same with the exeption of graphics. One thing to consider no matter what brand is the size. 7.75" width is the standard for most skaters and that seems to work for people across the board, but if you are small and/or have little feet you may want to consider going for a a narrower deck like 7.5". To some it's considered a "mini" deck, but then again even the littlest skater seems to be able to adjust riding a 7.75". If you are large and/or have big feet, go with an 8"+ board (for obvious reasons).

Wheels - size.. little wheels are the "thing" now because you stay low to the ground (50mm-52mm) and that's a good thing if you're skating street all the time. If you find yourself in a park and on ramps, go with 54mm-56mm. The bigger the wheel the quicker you can reach top speed and you won't have to work as hard to reach speed. You will however be sacrificing a few mm on height and it may feel like your "riding tall". All wheels claim to not "flat spot". It's still a big issue and after trying out most of the wheels on the market today, Bones makes the most resilient wheels. Other companies make pretty good wheels as well like Spitfire and Autobahn, but Bones are my personal preference because of longevity.

Trucks - Here is where it gets complicated and personal preference comes into play. All trucks have certain characteristics that favor one style of skating for another. What kind of skating do you think you'll be doing? Ramp, street, ditches, technical rail tricks, hard pool grinding tricks? I'll tell you to find out what your friends are riding and compare it to how they skate. Personally I ride Independent. They're a no nonsense truck that prides itself on functionality over fluff. I ride ramp, and grind a lot so Independent work well in that respect. Whatever you choose, find out if they will work well with what you want to do.

Grip tape, bolts, risers, bearings - Most of these are kind of devoid of personal preference (except for bearings) only because all of them really are made the same way. So I always go with the economy versions of all of them. BUT as far as bearings are concerned I ride the really expensive Bones Ceramics. They're really really fast and last really really long. They work for me because I spend most of my time in the park and the chances of them getting dirty are pretty slim. For your first pair I would go economy as well (Bones Reds) and you'll do just fine.

Keep in mind that functionality and performance should be your deciding factors before any other reason. So ask around, see what other kids are riding and find out why those things are working for them. Having a good solid setup is most important for facilitating learning, especially at the beginning.

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Well its your choice but element are one of the worst boards you can get and i would not recommend getting all element.
Trucks: go with Thunders, Grind Kings, or Krux
Wheels: Any brand they are all pretty good
Board: Plan B, Baker, Chocolate, Real
Bearings: Any usually are good
Hardware: Any just get the size 1", they are easier to tighten

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