Am I slow or are black girls just fast?

I am white and I can do 100m sprint in 12.5 seconds but my black girlfreind can do it in 12.0 seconds?


What are some good skateboard wheels for my type of riding (details inside)?

Black people are naturally better at athletics. I doubt it's running from lions as the poster posted above me. I think it's just because they've always been in situations where survival is needed.

NCAA Tournament winner?

Your slow

Keeping a losing team motivated?

your very slow infact

How do i clean the top of the skateborad?

black girls are fast. its in our blood, you know;, the whole ancestors running from lions thing =) but seriously, it does run in out blood. oh your also slow so start workin out boy!

My son has just got an All Terrain Mountain Board.?

I think it's some of both, keep working on the treadmill.

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