Any badminton player out there?

Hi i juz started playing badminton player... and i dunno wat racket to choose.. im thinking of buying a new racket and restring it... but can sum1 tell me does high tension makes ur shot more powerful but give u less control or is it the opposite?


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high tension does makes ur shot more powerful. as for controll it all depends on ur grip

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any Yonex brand in a raindrop head is good, plus most are lightweight, tension is good for powershots and smashes, just get a good grip first. practice grip by imaginary shaking hands with it - keep that grip

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if you are a new player you may want to get one with a no slip grip. it will all so need high tensen plastic ropes.

i have been playing for 16 years. hope this helps.

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If you're a beginner, I would just buy a cheap racket from a sports shop that doesn't weigh too heavy. After you've played badminton for a while, you will get a feel for the right racket. Also, if you buy a new racket, why restring it immediately? Play with it, understand its weak and strong points and you will gain a lot of knowlege this way about rackets. Badminton is a great sports, enjoy it.

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It has been many years since I played Badminton but at one time I did have a decent game. I won the intermural singles championship in my highschool in my senior year and defeated my physical education teacher in college to get an "A" in that course. But to answer your question I would have to say that you should go with high tension for power and accuracy. Remember that badminton is a game of finesse. It is NOT like tennis in that it is 95% in the wrist. Your arm just positions your wrist, your arm is not used to strike the shuttlecock. Flicking your wrist gets the job done. Practice your service - I used tape on the back wall of my parent's house 5 feet? high and practiced my serves to just barely clear that line. Basic strategy - get your opponent out of position and hit it where they ain't.

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There is something called "optimal tension" for average players, and all good racket dealers, know the same. Besides, a good badminton player, has good gut feeling about how to get his badminton racket properly "gutted" to the optimal tension, that suits his game the best, for accurate and effective performance. You will develop this gut feeling yourself, with experience. Until then, rely on good players' and coaches' opinions. "Optimal tension," has NOT been defined in the books, because good players, consider optimal tension very individually, and often, do NOT let others meddle with their personal rackets, which they themselves use, for playing in tournaments.

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