Anyone have any good tips on how to become an athlete?

Question:I do practice but i am bad at alot of sports.
I love to play them though.

-cheerleading (is a sport!!)


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Don't look at it like you "suck", think of it more like you cause less stress for your compatition. No really, sports are all about getting active. Not enough people are now days. Get out there and enjoy it! Your body will thank you , so will your mind!

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london marathon

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Either you have athletic abilities or you don't. Stick with what sports you excel in, and practice to get better.

I suck at Basketball and baseball but I am great at soccer and track.

Why is it that you never hear of white atheletes getting in trouble with drugs, or weapons charges.?

wake up at 6am and run for 5 miles

Doing a back handspring.. with out the wheel?

Practice practice practice. It is the only way.

Sometimes it can take years. Hang in there. As long as you're having fun - it doesn't matter if you're not the best, right?

Best of luck!

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the main thing is that u love playing sports
to be a athlete
all i can say is hard work

Why is there so many deaths Mostly between the NFL, and MLB??

just work out a lot. eat right. have a good mindset. get enough sleep.

What's up with all the idiots & their stupid useless questions?

run, bike, swim
stay in shape

Who is the best athlete of all time?

Whatever you catch yourself doing the most is of course your hobby. There are alot of other girl sports you can try. Dance, Basketball, Swimming, Soccer and alot more. Maybe you should try working out at a YMCA to get yourself fit and retry all of those sports. Remember though practice makes perfect.

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well if you love them then you're good in your own right, but there is a formula to becoming a top athlete, you really wanna know.....practice+ trail and error+a lil pinch of cockiness= SUPER STAR ^_< good luck

Why are chess, spelling bee, and scrabble considered sports?

You have to develop athletes mind & body. That comes from conditioning. You must become "student of the game."

Josh Kosheck or Diego Sanchez for tonight's bout UFC?

If you are bad in most sports why dont you go into modeling or something? If you really want something though, start practicing , give it 150 %. practice hard, anything is possible, if you are still young...

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