Aggressive Skating, Can somebody tell me how to land topside tricks on ledges?

Every time i try to get on a ledge with a topside my wheels just rub on the top of the ledge, do i need to lean away from the ledge more or what?


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You're probably standing up too much. If your skates aren't super flexy (like Remz or Deshis), you'll have to sit down (or squat) a little more to lock in your topside foot. Try bending your knees slightly more than you're used to and you should find it easier to lock in your topside foot.

Topsides on ledges are definitely harder on ledges than rails or ledges with coping since you really have to be all the way down on your frame. Keep practicing, try bending down more and see where you get.

Good luck!

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no you need to aim your trucks on to the ledge and lean more foreward.

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