Adriano to old for bull riding?

Question:Is Adriano Moraess(spelling?) finished as a bull rider? Justin McBride(old gang) still seems super strong but Adriano seems finished from what I've seen. Hot in his day, but seems that even the average office worker can ride bulls as good as ole Adriano rides today.
Should Adriano look to an announcers position or pushing geritol on advertisements? Mauney, White & the "new" gang just seem to young/dynamic for Adriano to me.
Maybe Adriano should look into starting a "senior" tour for advanced age bull riders. You know...old, tired, out of shape foggie bulls for old, tired, out of shape foggie bull riders.
The " great South American" former bull riding "chump" seems so out of place in regards to the professional YOUNG/QUALIFIED atheletes that "humiliate" Adriano on a regular basis.
What do you think?


Mountain boarding? I WANT ONE!?

I think you have too much free time. I think you needto become an "average office worker" that rides bulls.

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