70mph...what do you think?

ive never played softball in my life but my dad has always said i was made to be a pitcher...hes werid like that anywaz me and my b/f somtimes go to the batting cages and i uslualy hit off the 40mph softballs...well yesterday i hit off of 70mph softball cage is that good for never playing i hit almost all the pictches...it was fun...is this somthing i can brag about (= im 19 if that helps in anyway!



If you hit a 70mph softball, I would say your did very well!! Though to be a great player, you need to understand the other fundementals as well. Not only be able to make contact with the ball, but recognize that there is a large hole in left field and being able to hit the ball to that location... so that you can get on base, or bring some runners home.

But obvious your hand-eye coordination is top notch!!

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