All Star Cheerleading Question.?

i really want to try out for the Just Cheer All Star team in NJ. Im currently 12 years old. my question is, what r the requirements for the team, such as, what tumbling skills i need. thx. oh, and i can do a back handspring, roundoff, cartwheel.


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If you tried out, I would say you would be on a high Junior team or Senior team since you have your backhand spring. Everyone who try outs gets placed on a team, they put you on a team depending on your age and skill. You don't need to know anything about cheering but you'll still get put on a team. See you at the first competition!

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well, all teams are different. I cheer for all-stars and there are many different levels. The lowest level in my gym was requirment of a backhandspring. good luck!

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