A soccer game lasts 90 minutes. An NFL game one hour, likewise an NHL and NBA game.?

How is it then that I can watch the former in less than 2 hours but have to sit in front of the TV for up to THREE hours to take in any one of the others? (Don't get me started on baseball).


Which is better in airsoft, gas blowback or non blowback?

a soccer game is two continuous halves.with the only breaks coming for injury, to reset after a goal. Football, Baseball, et al have built in breaks, timeouts, etc.

Does football or other sport results affect the love life with your partner??


Who is champion?

Well what do you want? No time outs, no half time, no fouls, don't stop the clock for any reason because you're in a hurry? Well excuuuuuse me! Don't you even enjoy at least some of the commercials during the Super Bowl? Take a seventh inning stretch or an intentional walk, it's not over until it's over.

Is it worth paying $40 to watch the Ultimate Fighting Championship tonight on Pay Per View?

first of all...do you really watch Soccer on TV? that is the worlds most boring sport.and the biggest crybabies and primadonnas play soccer.oops sprained an eyelash...
Commericals, time outs for strategy, and injury...intermissions,halftim... all part of the game.watch a real sport...football, hockey, anything but soccer

What is the world record holding distance for Slinging ?

I love Baseball. don't talk crap about baseball.
and hockey is cool.

its called timeouts , tv commercials, whistles, etc,, soccer has no stopping of the clock, while the other sports do.

Why Can't I Run?

In NFL, the clock is stopped due to incompletions, running out of bounds, and possession change. Hockey and NBA just take too many commercial breaks.

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