(Being kinda stupid, kinda serious here) Does anybody think cheerleading is a worthy sport for the Olympics?

Question:If yes, say why.

If no, say why.


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Probably no.
If they do put it in, they'd have to have other, more skilled, dancing categories in there first.

I know it can be competitive, that there are routines and it takes physical skill but is it a sport?

There again, they have synchronised swimming.

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no no one does...best reason is common sense

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Yes i definately think it should be an Olympic sport.
The reason being is that i am male!

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No. It does take talent, but it is not a "sport"... Do they have ballet as an Olympic sport? Nope. Again, that takes talent, but is not a sport.

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No. It's like our American football, other countries besides the U.S. don't have cheerleaders. The Olympics is an international competition, so I don't think the cheerleading thing would go over well in other countries where cheerleading is totally foreign to the people.

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Nope. It's not really a REAL sport. It's only used during a basketball or a football game. It's not something that's done on it's own.

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I think yes. If they could put in some dance stuff with it like they did in the movie Bring it on (the 1st one). I think like they judge gymnatics on floor they could judge cheerleading on the different areas also. Because hey, tell me it isn't difficult to do a pryimid and all that stuff... Yea, Put it in the Olympics right there with gymnatics. Each has there own place just in a different way.

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yeah! absolutely! ra! ra! ra!

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NO- Not cheerleading only the USA offers this as a sport activity. Dance Sport (ball room) is a recognized Olympic Sport it has 86 member nations from all over. You see to be an Olympic sport it has to have a widespread appeal before the IOC will even recognize the sport.

Even Dance sport doesn't have a shot of getting in as their many sports jocking for the last 2 places in the 2016 Olympics. They include squash, rugby sevens (7X7 rugby), karate, softball, tug-war, and even bowling.

Here is an event from the WORLD GAMES Sports Acrobatics it requires some of the same athletic elements as cheerleading. It's a discipline of gymnastics.


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Is Cheerleading a sport then? Last time I looked at the sporting list it wasnt.

So my answer to your Question is NO.

My daughter is 7 years old and is a level 4 gymnasts. She has sort of leveled off a little bit which is normal

Yes...they turn in just as many injuries as any other sport.

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no because it is not funded like sports Olympic sports events

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no i am a gal and i dont think so cuz if it is then u should be able to play golf in the olympics idk jus trying to tell the truth

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