Boys...if u are 12-15 do u like cheerleaders?


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Im not a boy, but I know that my brothers, who is 14, loves cheerleaders. He thinks they are awesome, not just because they are pretty but because of the preppiness and their personalities, most cheerleaders he knows arent snobs or anything, they are really nice.

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I am not of that age range but I always thought cheerleaders were kinda ditzy, I am not attracted to that.

I need help plz?

yes i do likhave a nice personalitye cheerleaders because they are usually good looking and they have a nice personality.

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yeah, im not in that range wither. I am 18, i have dated 3 cheerleaders, and 2 of them were completely horrible. Just, not the fact that they are cheerleaders, just the way the flaunted themselfs. Total hoe bag!

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