Any tips for running the 3200 in track?

I've ran it before, but I'm always nervous, which is natural I know. I've ran cross country three years now in highschool, however this is my first year in track and I still feel like I'm not comfortable running 8 laps around a flat surface. I'm in good shape and I know how to run in good form, I guess I just need to think more positive in the mind. However, are there any other helpful tips to run a better race or help me relax?


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It's normal to be nervous before a race. Is this affecting your times?

The 3200 is a tough race becaue you run at VO2Max velocity. Even pacing is important. In practice, run 800 meter repeats at your goal pace with a recovery jog in between. The recovery should equal to or slightly less than the time it takes to run one 800 meter. Start with 4 800's and work up 6 or 7. In addition to training you for race pace this will get you more accustomed to running on the track. This is a tough workout. Don't do it more than once a week and make sure you are also doing easy endurance runs as well. Finally, don't run the 800s too fast. Keep them at your 2 mile race pace. Inrease the 800 pace only after you have run faster in a race.

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Go hard the first lap and the last lap. Once you set a pace keep it but every other lap work a little harder to get ahead and put distance between yourself and the other runners. The last 800 should pretty much be an all out sprint.

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I don't know much about running, but people focus lot on techniques. 3200 seem like a good distance where techniques will make big difference. There's gotta be more technical stuff online somewhere. There are ton of books on sports psychology too. Really popular reads for people. I think you have to learn your body really well, so you'll know when to hold back and when to go all out.

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Just set a pace time and divide it by the number of laps. I used to run with a watch whenever they let me. Also one time when I ran track in High School I had a frappuccino before I ran the mile, that = bad idea.

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run fast

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