10:45 good 2mile time for a freshman?


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2 miles? wow that really fast...one 5 min mile is good but 5 and a six back to back that's impressive

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i am in 8th and i run the mile in 6:34
and thats pretty slow

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it is pretty good. I know a kid who can run it in anything lower than 8

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wow? two miles? that's great!

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For a boy around the age of 14-16 no. The average time is around 6 minutes. For a girl, the average time is about 10 minutes. Run faster and take less breaks. Good luck improving your time. :)
Edit: Do you mean two miles? If so, that's really good.

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Uh... yeah. I'm pretty sure

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10:45 isn't bad for 2 miles, especially as a freshman. I think my track friends were running it in about 10:20-10:30 as freshman.

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2 miles in 10:45 is great

geesh people hes talking TWO MILES

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Yes 10:45 is a good 2 mile time for a freshman. But are you just fishing for compliments or did you seriously not know that? Because if you are on a track team and you have raced the 2 mile at all, then you should know that 10:45 is a decent time, especially for a freshman...

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man that's the fastest i've seen fro two miles. keep it up i can run it in 14 minuets. seems like ur pretty fit. especially freshman.


10:45 is good for olympic runners, let alone a freshman

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If you are talking minutes then that is awesome :) I can't even run one mile in that time haha (Trouble breathing)

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